Kanata Thermal Imaging


Infrared Thermal Imaging.  The Future of Inspection Technology. Here. Now.

Home Inspection technology has evolved.  Eyes alone to perform a visual inspection are not enough. And  You, the customer need to know more. Infrared Thermal Imaging delivers. And How.  Infrared can "see" problems that the naked eye simply can't.  Moisture Penetration, the leading cause of foundation problems, roofing leaks, mold, plumbing and a host of other water related issues can be easily identified utilizing this state of the art technology.  And it's easy to understand. 
Not only can moisture related problems be identified and the extent further known, an infrared camera can check AC Units, Furnaces, Electrical Panels, Drafts around Windows and Doors, Fallen Insulation, No Insulation, and much more.
Infrared Thermal Imaging is included with every home inspection we conduct for any areas we find potential problems.
Book an Infrared Inspection if you need evidence of moisture penetration, drafts, improper insulation installation, leaks and more.uss your requirements with us.