Kanata Home Inspections What's Inspected

Let's take you through a typical inspection.

A Townhouse or Semi-Detached Home for instance, takes approximately 3 and a half hours to perform and includes inspection of all exterior and interior components of the building including

(but not limited to) the,

The Foundation,

Exterior Walls,

Windows and Doors,


The Attic Space,


Electrical Systems,

Heating and Cooling Systems,

Plumbing Fixtures and Piping,

Doors and Windows,

Interior Wall and Ceiling Finishes, etc.

Thermal (InfraRed) Imaging of any suspect areas.

We invite you to take part in the process, ask questions and should you find any deficiencies, simply point them out.  We will verify that it is a legitimate defect, take a photo, and include it in the report.

We realize asking questions is part of the process, and we will do our best to give you answers to all your enquiries.