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We Do All Kinds Of Home Inspections!

Buyer's Inspections
Pre-Sale Inspections
Seller Inspections
Rural Inspections
Infrared Thermal Imaging
New Home Inspections
Tarion Warranty Inspections
Framewalk, Pre-Delivery Inspection
Ist Year, 2nd Tarion Warranty
Energy Audits
Roofing Inspections
Foundation Inspections
Renovation Inspections
Mold Inspections
and more!
Certified, Qualified, Experienced. Period.
You get what you pay for.  And here at A to Z Home Inspections we take that seriously.  We are Certified through Algonquin College's Home Inspector Program, a Registered Home Inspector in Good Standing with InterNatchi, the largest Home Inspector organization in the world, and bring to the table over 20 years of construction experience in Electrical installations, Extensive Renovation Projects (from completely gutting a building to finished renovation), Drywall installation and plastering, and 3 years selling HVAC products for a leading National Realtor. Add our unique qualification as an Natural Resources EcoEnergy Advisor for SEARS and you have a complete package that will ensure all your bases are covered at your next Home Inspection.

Your Home Inspection. What to Expect.

Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive report that you understand immediately in layman's terms.  And if you don't , we take the time to explain what the problem is.  No Hocus Pocus, No run around, only facts.  
Here's what we put together for you.

Photos, Inspection Report and Report Summary

First, we take photos of any deficiencies we find during the inspection. Some standard photos we include in the report are: Front of the Home, Electrical Panel with the Cover Off, and a 360 degree set of shots of the interior of the Attic. (Our company was one of the first to do so).  Second, we document these deficiencies in two ways, in our PDF Inspection Report and Hand Written Inspection Report Summary.  Both are easy to read and understand.

On Site Reporting

At the end of the inspection we put the photos on a DVD for easy viewing on virtually any DVD Player or computer. You also receive the Inspection Report.  Both report and DVD are given to you at the end of the inspection, yours to keep.  We also review the report and photos at the end of the inspection with you and create a an Inspection Report Summary (typically a couple of pages in point form including recommendations) so you can easily discuss any deficiencies with your agent, or the Sellor/Buyer.
The PDF format is a great way to forward the report information to your insurance company, mortgage agent, or any real estate professionals should they require it.  Itcopy.

What We Inspect

A typical inspection can take between 2 to 3 and a half hours to perform and includes inspection of all exterior/interior components of the building including (but not limited to) the ...
The Foundation, 
Exterior Walls, 
Windows and Doors, 
The Attic Space, 
Electrical Systems, 
Heating and Cooling Systems, 
Plumbing Fixtures and Piping, 
Doors and Windows,
Interior Wall and Ceiling Finishes, etc.
Understanding Your Home
Included in the report are handy reference materials for every major system and components of your home.  At the back of the book is a repair guide and should you wish to do upgrades, this will give you an idea on what to pay for various contractor services.

Your Participation is Appreciated

We invite you to take part in the process, ask questions and should you find any deficiencies you wish to include in the report, simply point them out.  We will verify that it is a legitimate defect, take a photo, and include it in the report.

At the End of the Day

We will provide you with valuable information that will help determine if the home you are considering buying is sound, and what challenges, if any, you face in repairing any deficiencies we have encountered.
Our service doesn't stop with the inspection.  We can recommend highly skilled  tradespeople and professionals who are willing to give you a free quote on their services.  Links to their services are here on this website at Everything Home and at the end of the report.


Give us a call at 613-321-0095 to book a Kanata Home Inspection or book on-line.  As always,  We are at your service to answer questions however small or large.